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This policy is meant to provide you with comfort, regardless of how much value you place on your privacy. This privacy statement, along with the general terms and conditions of the website, establish the guidelines for how we will handle any personal information you provide to us or that we obtain from you. Please read the following details carefully to learn about our policies and procedures regarding the handling of your personal information: By using our website, you acknowledge that you are aware of and accept the privacy practises described in this statement.

Data protection

All data that can be used to identify a specific person is considered “personal information.” Please contact us if you have any concerns about our use.

For any questions, get in touch with us.

If you have any questions or concerns about how your personal data is being used, you can contact the controller. What kind of information is gathered, and how is it gathered? We gather and use information about you based on which of the following groups you are a part of.

The aforementioned website makes use of cookies. A cookie is a small text and number file that we store on your computer. These cookies enable us to better tailor and improve your online experience by letting us distinguish you from other users.

Cookie management

You can control how many cookies your browser uses by changing its settings. The information you seek should be available in your browser’s help section. Cookie instructions are provided by some browsers.

How to Utilise Cookies

Cookies are used by the website that is mentioned. A tiny text and number file that we save on your computer is called a cookie. These cookies help us differentiate you from other users so we can better customise and enhance your online experience.

Cookie control

By adjusting its settings, your browser’s cookie usage can be managed. The help section of your browser should have the information you’re looking for. Certain browsers provides cookie instructions.

How Cookies Are Used

We compile data about you. It is important that you read and comprehend the information below regarding our policies and procedures regarding personal information, as well as how we handle and secure it.

Tell us about yourself in groups.

The following categories may be used to collect and use personal information about you:

Personal information:

First name, maiden name, last name, username or any other unique identifier, marital status, job title, date of birth, gender, job, and occupation are all included in this category. Contact details include things like home addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. When you use our website, your devices provide us with technical information about you, such as your IP address, username, password, browser type and version, time zone settings, and system information. While we

We may use Google Analytics, Mateo Analytics, and other analytics providers to show you advertisements when you visit our website, either directly from us or through a third party. This happens whether or not you have a user account. websites We, along with third-party services like Google and Mateo, use both first-party and third-party cookies to assess, optimise, and display advertisements based on users’ previous interactions with our website.